Happy 4th birthday, Twitter!

Posted on March 21st, 2010 | by Administrator |

TwitterToday Twitter started exactly 4 years ago. What initially started as a geeky new way to share what one is doing with anyone interested to follow, has taken off in a much broader sense.

Only answering the question: ‘What are you doing?’ is not exactly interesting, although some people or companies engage in interesting activities. A better question is: ‘What do you find interesting enough to share?’ ~ a use that started to be adopted amongst Twitterusers around 2007. A couple of months ago Twitter itself adopted this changing the question into short and sweet ‘What’s happening?’.

The growth and openness of the system (everyone is free to follow or unfollow whoever they want) has created the ‘buzz’ that many companies now start to ask themselves: ‘Shouldn’t we be on Twitter…?’ The answer is very simple: Yes, but only if you have a clear plan and are ready to INTERACT with others.

Too many businesses think that Twitter is just another (free) advertising channel… Guess what? It’s not!

It can work really well for your business if you use it the right way, which is using it as a bi-directional communication channel. A lot of information is on Twitter’s own website, hidden at the bottom under the ‘business’ tab. Read it, it is good info. http://business.twitter.com/twitter101

Around one year ago CNN interviewed Twitter-powerhouse-user Gary Vaynerchuck on how to use Twitter ~ a great interview that even today shows the difference in ‘getting it’ or ‘missing the point’ on how to use Twitter.


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